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The Prayer Shawl Ministry was started in 2006 as part of the Mission Committee as an outreach toward our own parish community. The shawls are hand knit or crocheted by members of the parish. Many of the people who create the shawls also purchase the yarn for them as part of their ministry. Occasionally we have received donations to the ministry which are used to purchase supplies for those who are willing to offer their service to create shawls but do not have the resources to purchase the necessary materials. We have never charged a fee for the shawls; they are given to the receiver in the same spirit with which they are created.

The shawls are created as a source of comfort to those in need during times of sadness such as those grieving a loss: death of a loved one, a marriage separation or divorce, a serious illness, birth of a child with health problems or similar situations. They are given to provide comfort and warmth, providing solace and surrounding the person in need with the presence of God’s love and care

The creator of the shawl prays for the receiver of the shawl while making it. If the receiver is not yet known the prayers are said for the intention of whoever becomes the receiver. A few times per year the shawls are brought to the altar for a prayer of blessing by our priest during mass and sprinkled with holy water.

The original pattern for a prayer shawl represents the Trinity; for example, the original knitted pattern is knit 3 purl 3 in an alternating pattern to create a recognizable stitch pattern of 3’s. Of course, there are other patterns to choose from as well, both knitted and crocheted. We have a book of prayers and shawl patterns to share with those who create the shawls. Additional information and patterns can be found at the prayer shawl ministry website: www.shawlministry.com

As our three Parishes have now become one--a Trinity--we have been receiving many requests for prayer shawls and are hoping to increase the number of parishioners who would like to join our ministry to create them. To do this you may join the Mission Committee and be part of the many wonderful things this committee does or you may simply let us know you would like to create prayer shawls. We would be so blessed to have you!

If you would like to request a prayer shawl or to learn more about this ministry you may call the rectory or parishioners Kathleen Pion at 582-1830 or Lorraine Morse at 529-2061.